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"Being a Geekbot was extraordinary.  I was able to do engineering with my friends and have fun. "

—Maddy Wilkinson, Geekbot

Welcome to ANLC Geekbots

About Geeky


We designed our robot to be compact and efficient. It has a multi-purpose arm that is compatible with all missions. It also has an ultrasonic sensor, a touch sensor, a light sensor and a color sensor. It has two front wheels with ball bearings in the back to make steering easier, and more efficient. The arm uses gears to move up and down and we wrapped the wires connecting the motors to the brick around the base of the bot, so they wouldn't get in the way.

Our robot is called Geeky. 

We are using the EV3 with the new EV3 software.  We have 5 programs for our missions.  The light sensor is use to mainly find black lines.  the color sensor is used to follow a black line and then turn when the ultrasonic sensor is a certain distance from the board edge.  Finally, the touch sensor enables us to square off our robot.